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The choice of the location for a wedding reception, whatever the level or size, be it in a restaurant, or in a historical villa or castle or open-air venue, is fundamental for the success of Weddings in Italy.

Good taste, tradition, creativity and ... a dash of inspiration, the success of your wedding day depends greatly on the dosing of these elements. But the personality of the protagonists also plays a fundamental role: indeed, the reception must be tailored to the spouses and their guests. No one must feel ill at ease or uncomfortable in a strange environment. Most of all, it is important to keep in mind that the banquet is also a symbolic thank-you to the guests; therefor, it is best to put oneself in the hands of professionals who know how to create an ambience rich in pleasant sensations within a warm and welcoming environment.

For this reason, at we have selected fantastic structures and the best restaurants in Italy. Specialised in the organisation of events and wedding banquets, we are at your disposal to organise a wedding reception that meets the highest expectations held by yourselves and by your guests.

The Banqueting service, in addition to providing the choreographic preparation of the dishes, may also stretch to include the search for the venue, all the arrangements, musical entertainment, floral decorations, according to the circumstances and the events for which the service is required. We are at the complete disposal of anyone wishing to prepare a celebration with an extra pinch of imagination.
Organising a wedding reception does not only mean setting the stage properly, but also and foremost arranging for exclusive and high-quality foods. The Italian culinary tradition, famous the world over, is rich in tasty dishes created using typical ingredients of extraordinary quality. As far as the menu is concerned, the restaurants and catering organisations are capable of satisfying any requirement. The choice must in any case be made together with the catering or restaurant expert who has the experience required to prepare a menu that perfectly meets the tastes and needs of your guests.
Before embarking on the fateful search for the right venue, it is indispensable that the future spouses have a clear idea of the type of reception they wish to organise. One element that may condition the choice of the venue is, for example, the type of wedding photographs. Many of the locations we offer provide ideal scenarios for the fateful “wedding scenes”.

Once you have chosen the right location and you have seen the hall where the banquets are organised, together we may prepare the table and seating arrangements on the basis of the number of guests, taking into account how important it is to facilitate conversations between table companions and freedom of movement.

Considering that the majority of weddings in Italy is celebrated between late spring and beginning of autumn, it is certainly important to book the reception hall or restaurant several months in advance with respect to the wedding date and, in some cases, even one year in advance.

And finally, the economic aspect is not to be ignored. One must be realistic. The spouses must be aware of how much they can spend and hence the choice must also be made with an eye on one’s wallet!
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