Weddings in Italy

Wedding in Italy

                              Weddings in Italy

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Wedding Abroad
Weddings Abroad

Everyone deserves a dream wedding and Italy is undoubtedly the world's most romantic location. Italy can offer more romantic locations for your wedding day than you ever dreamt possible.
Weddings in Italy has been specialising in unique and exclusive weddings and honeymoons in Italy.
We are an international company with on-site professional coordinators from all over the globe.
Your Consultant has been trained and qualified and will explain exactly what is available for your big day and/or your honeymoon
Allow us to exceed your expectations!
WEDDING Ceremonies
Everyone is an individual, and every couple has individual needs ...
Wedding Ceremonies
WEDDING Hair & Beauty
Every bride and groom wants their skin to be the best possible on their wedding day...
Wedding Hair & Beauty
WEDDING Reception
The choice of the location for a wedding reception, is fundamental for the success of the event.
Plan the perfect Honeymoon
Wedding Flowers

The brides’ bouquet should complement her dress and body shape, and reflect her personality. Even if you have a limited budget for flowers We can help create the perfect bouquet for you without compromising on style.

There are many different styles of bouquets available. Each varies in price according to the flowers you select and the amount of work involved in creating the bouquet.
There are many things to consider when selecting the flowers for your wedding as they will help to create the overall mood of the occasion. Contact us for advice on what will best complement you and your wedding style, or for creative ideas and the latest trends.

Wedding Photography & Video

WEDDING Photography & Video
You are bound to disappoint some members of your family and friends who cannot be with you on the day, especially grandparents who may feel unable to undertake such a trip.
To appease any objections you could arrange to have a blessing

service or reception when you return, but at the very least have a video made of the day so that you can share your special moments with those unable to be with you.
Our photography department includes professional and very experienced staff members. Our photographers specialize in black & white photos.
We can arrange for you to receive an exclusive large photo album, offering an extensive selection of elegant, customised, professional-quality wedding albums, so you are sure to find an album which matches the splendour of your wedding.


Style of Wedding Dress


Weddings in Italy

Weddings in ItalyWEDDING Car Rental

Plan the perfect Honeymoon

Choose the automobile that is most appropriate for your wedding; you may chose from a vast array of automobiles: Limousines, Ferrari, Rolls Royce… and everything that can help make your wedding day special. If it is true that the bride is the absolute protagonist of the wedding, can one really deny her the whim of making an entrance on the scene of the ceremony worthy of a first lady?
For those couples who pay particular attention to the scenic effect, we may rent authentic treasures on wheels, witness of parties from the belle époque or the dolce vita, complete with professional chauffeurs. The automobile, be it sporty, unusual or antique, must be chose according to the style of the ceremony as a whole.
For a young wedding, convertible coupes are the most appropriate, a convertible Volkswagon bug or a whimsical Fiat 500; for a more sombre style one may choose between a Jaguar, Rolls Royce, Isotta Fraschini, Cadillac, Bentley and, naturally, some elegant models of antique Lancias.

Weddings in ItalyPLAN THE PERFECT Honeymoon

Plan the perfect Honeymoon

Just as location is important for your big day, for both the ceremony and your reception, choosing the right honeymoon destination is key to your enjoyment once all the hard work is over. Whether it is the bride or the groom planning your honeymoon, there are a range of things you should consider. We are shure that Italy is the world's most romantic location for your honeymoon . Let us plan your faboulos honeymoon in Italy!

Weddings in ItalySTYLE OF Wedding Dress

Style of Wedding Dress

First and foremost is: choosing your gown first, then choose your accessories to complement it.
Is the gown traditional, modern, simple and flowing, old-world or romantic?
Your accessories should reflect the look and feel you are going for. Our dress shop rents and sells Italian wedding dresses which can be custom made on request and are made from the finest Italian silk and lace.